Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mail received March 2011

Rebeca N. (Costa Rica) - letter
Josie (Netherlands) - postcrossing postcard
Nastya (Belarus) - postcrossing postcard
Jerome (France) - postcrossing private swap
Kim (Canada) - postcrossing postcard
Daniela L. - Xmas card
Susanna S - Xmas card
Pefang Y. - Xmas card

Movies March 2011

Presunto Culpable
Hors de prix

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Books march 2011

Pobre Patria Mía - Pedro Angel Palou
El dinero del diablo - Pedro Angel Palou

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hobbies January-February 2011

Cross stitch: Pink Petit Four (started)
Knitting: Pink scarf for mom (finished)
Knitting: Blue scarf for me (started)
Knitting: Join
Started Movie Journal by Moleskin

Mail received January-February 2011

nadine_jam (Russia) - postcrossing postcard
artlover (Finland) - postcrossing postcard
Mara U. (USA) - XMas Card
Donna D. (UK) - XMas Card
Chemdry (Mexico) - New Year postcard
Daniela L. (Germany) - letter + Birthday card
Hernan (Chile) - postcrossing private swap
Constance P. (Germany) - Xmas card
Naoko H. (Japan) - Xmas card
Aurelie (France) - letter
Pia (Germany) - postcrossing postcard

Mail sent January-February 2011

Flamie_ (Lithuania) - posctrossing postcard
track08 (Finland) - postcrossing postcard
Helymne (Germany) - postcrossing postcard
giftschwammerl (Austria) - postcrossing postcard
Luxi (Luxembourg) - postcrossing postcard
Tresart (USA) - postcrossing postcard
cuiguo (China) - postcrossing postcard
jet (Netherlands) - postcrossing postcard
Daniela L. (Germany) - letter
Rosa P. (Mexico) - letter
Peifang Y. (Taiwan) - letter
Ronny K. (Germany - postcard postcrossing private swap
Fam. Andalco (Mexico) - letter
Amanda T. (UK) - thank you postcard
Jozef F. (Slovakia) -  3 postcards and 3 coins postcrossing private swap
Marta C. (Poland) - postcard postcrossing privatw swap
Mara U. (USA) - letter
Constance P. (Germany) - letter
Susana S. (Finland) - letter
Juliane (Germany) - postcard postcrossing private swap
Mr. Wu (China) postcrossing postcard private swap
Aurelie D. (France) - letter

Movies January- February 2011

The rite
The fighter
The King's speech
The kids are all right
The first men on the moon
Easy A
Black Swan
Social Network
El grito
Paranormal Activity 2
You will meet a tall dark stranger
True Grit

Books January-February 2011

La hora de las brujas - Las brujas de Mayfair I
Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteyngart