Monday, September 22, 2008

september update

Letters going out:

Susana S. (Finland)
Alessandra D.S. (Italy)

Letters that came in:

Susana S. (Finland)
Alessandra D.S. (Italy)

postcards going out:

J. Oberlanderov√° (Ch. Republic)
M. Shafie (Malaysia)
H. Koistinen (Finland)
A. Postcrosser (Armenia)
Holly (USA)
V. Raggi (Italia)
H. Rabago (USA - 3rd try)
J. Garcia (Brazil)

postcards that came in:
Takasi (Japan)
Tarla (Netherlands)
Christine (USA)
Marjo (Netherlands)
Jose (Brazil)
Kerth (Finland)
Jermina (Ch. Republic)